Rhonda has been doing massage since 1998 and reflexology since 2009. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Board Certified Reflexologist, she is able to benefit others by pursuing her passion on a daily basis. This passion flows into the School of Massage, where as an Instructor, she gives students the opportunity to learn massage and reflexology. Although, as owner, she is responsible for all aspects of the business, her favorite part is the relationships she shares with her clients and employees. She has been married to her husband, Tim since 1987. They have a married daughter, Shelby and son-in-law Jarred, and an adult son, Travis. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with the people who are important in her life.

Assistant Director

Dorothy joined Perfect Touch in Feb. 2016. She has an Associate of Arts with a Business Influence. She has worked in graphic design and sales for the last 5 years. She started at Perfect Touch as our communications coordinator, helping take care of Facebook, Twitter and parts of our website. Dorothy’s role has evolved and she has moved into the Assistant Director position within the school. Dorothy has completed her LMT and NBCR certifications.
When she is not busy at the center she is busy with her children Brayden, Alexis & Victoria. Dorothy has worked with the Boy Scouts, Pack 91 and Troop 91 for the last few years. When Dorothy isn’t busy chasing her kids or the scouts, she enjoys spending time in nature, working in her garden and riding horses.

Sr. Customer Service Representative

Barb Started in Feb. 2010 when Perfect Touch was formed. She has held many hats but primarily does customer service. She likes meeting & working with the Public. She just loves to see people come in the door!
Barb in her free time loves being involved in family activities. She also stays busy as a member of the United Methodist Church and with the Faith Church Circle.


Communications Specialist

Kelley joined us in January of 2018 as our communications specialist. She helps to keep our online offices running smoothly and reaches out to our customers. Kelley lives in Moulton, with her husband Caleb; he is a fifth-grade teacher at Moulton-Udell, and 4 amazingly creative daughters Lexi, Mia, Marisa, and Lily. Kelley is an artist at heart and does a multitude of graphics and design work in many forms. She also stays busy as a student and is working towards her degree in massage therapy.