Perfect Touch Wellness Center (PTWC) promotes wellness of the mind, body & spirit. Our various massage modalities offer preventative care and relaxation. The wellness theme is continued with our dry infrared sauna. The sauna promotes wellness through detoxification, weight loss, pain management and relaxation programs. Three tanning beds are available for pleasure or health reasons.

In addition, the PTWC School of Massage provides an education with a 1000 hour program committed to excellence. The school is in the process of acquiring an accreditation. PTWC is your complete spa and wellness center for Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri.


The Story of Rhonda...

With a degree in Mass Communications and employed as a Marketing Director, I was doing something I enjoyed.  We had family who occasionally spent the weekend with us.  One of them was a Massage Therapist.  She would give me a massage while visiting.  I really enjoyed these massages and wanted to be able to give back.  I was just going to learn so I could do massages for family and friends.  However, by doing this, massage became my passion.  

I was licensed in 2000.  Maintaining my full-time job, I did massages in the evenings.  In 2002, I decided to do massage full-time.  Business was great as I worked from my home.  Then in 2006, Indian Hills Community College began a massage program.  With prompting, I applied for the position and became the massage instructor.  During time spent with students in my first class, the vision for a wellness center was born.  I taught for 4 years at Indian Hills while maintaining my massage business from my home.  While I was teaching, I added Reflexology to my toolbox.  I became a Board Certified Reflexologist, which allowed me to teach continuing education classes to students.  Then, in 2010, the timing was right.  I was able to purchase a building on the north side of the square in Bloomfield.  In addition to moving my home massage business uptown, I started the School of Massage at Perfect Touch in Bloomfield.  We began our first class in Bloomfield in 2010.  

The Wellness Center has included many different areas of service sing we began, but in 2015, we shifted our focus.  We desired to concentrate on our passion.  In addition to daily massages and spa packages, our 1000 hour massage program offers a quality education, but allows flexibility for busy schedules. In September 2015, a new 300 hour Reflexology Program began.  Massage students learn the basics of Reflexology and if desired, may choose to complete the 300 hour Reflexology Program.  However, many students throughout the midwest, take the Reflexology Program as a stand alone modality.  They begin their own business doing reflexology or add it to their current profession like nursing, physical therapy or cosmetology.  Again, the flexibility of the three day classes compliment busy work schedules.  The first reflexology class completed their certification and took the National Certification Exam in 2016 with a 92% pass rate.  We believe in massage and reflexology and the health benefits they have to offer.  It is our desire to help people, one at a time, to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.