Massage Tuition Costs And Benefits

Starting Cost For 1000 Hour Massage Therapy Program   $7,900

Earned Tuition Credit* From 200 Hour Internship   $2,000

Total Cost   $5,900

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Free Massage Table:  up to $250 value (if licensed within 3 months of graduation)

Course Requirements   $300 value (Uniforms, First Aid & BLS fees, student malpractice insurance, and National Exam website)

Use of Textbooks   $400 value ($100 deposit each term, $80 returned at end of term)

Scholarships Available $250 each (Chosen based upon essay)

*Tuition Credit

Students will complete 200 full-body massages before they graduate.
From each massage completed, $10 will be given as a tuition credit.
Students may earn up to $2,000.

*Complete Course Catalog available by calling 641.664.1100

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